Outstanding automotive website design for Collex Collision Experts

Outstanding automotive website design for Collex Collision Experts

At Direct Line Development we successfully completed over 40 various projects for this year and developed plenty of top-notch websites for different firms and companies. From time to time we choose the most fascinating projects to showcases and demonstrates our skills and approaches to different kinds of businesses. Today we are talking about the full-functional automotive website design that we developed for a professional auto repair company — Collex Collision Experts. This is a Philadelphia-based company that has built its name by providing high-quality services with a lifetime warranty. In this showcase, we are going to give you all the essential information about the process of automotive web design development and tell you how to create the best automotive website design for a provider of car repair services.

Our major challenge from Collex Collision Experts

Generally, the majority of our customers face the same problems with their websites. Collex Collision Experts was not an exception. When they came to us looking for the best solution, their website did not fulfill its principal functions — to attract users and convert them into new customers. Moreover, their old website was created more than 5 years ago and did not meet modern design standards. That’s why we were tasked to develop a whole new automotive website design for the car repair company.

The first dreadful thing for their website was a template design made on WordPress. Also, their old website was not responsive so it did not adjust to comfortable browsing on mobile devices, losing over 60% of traffic. Its desktop and mobile download speed was not up to par and was 37/100 according to PageSpeed Insights, which is not a good score for online presence in the highly competitive industry. What’s more, their old website was not optimized at all: it missed basic SEO features such as meta titles, meta descriptions, sitemap.xml and much more. But without good use of SEO strategies, your business will never show up on the first page of a Google search.

Our team planned every step, prior to start the creation of an effective automotive repair web design compliant with up-to-date website trends.

Research to create an efficient automotive repair website design

We thoroughly studied Google Analytics and found out that on their website there was no actual information about the level of services that the company provides. In addition, when users visited the old website they did not understand that Collex Collision Experts is a real specialist in the automotive repair industry with decades of experience.

Besides, we thoroughly studied websites of their competitors to define what features were lacked on the website of their customer.

Afterward, we came to a decision that in order for the automotive repair website design to be effective online, it must look professionally and should demonstrate an impressive list of executed auto repair jobs. At our first meeting, we filled out a detailed brief that helped us understand deeply the client’s wants and needs. Also, we noted that Collex Collision Experts had a corporate style already but it was needed to be improved and developed.

Web development process: from outdated automotive website design to one of the best representations of an auto repair company in the industry

There is no doubt that a well-designed website can give much more than just pleasing aesthetics. Web design is one of the core phases of website development because it defines the visual side and functional part that will be used in the future website. If you want to learn more about efficient website development process you can read about it in our recent article. In the meantime, let us consider the development process in the case of an automotive web design for Collex Collision Experts.  

First of all, we started with the development of the website structure. According to the contract, our firm must do SEO, so we closely studied relevant competitors and compiled the semantic core.

We also did not forget about making the interesting content for the website of our client. The fact is that you may have a beautifully developed semantic core and perfectly organized web structure, but if there is no right content on your website, Google won’t know how to categorize your site or properly rank it in search engine results.

After the client approved the structure, we moved to the next step of automotive website design — prototyping.

Starting the creation of the homepage, we thought about the best way of representing the general info about the provider of auto repair services. On the basis of the prototype and existing the corporate style of the client, we managed to develop the style that could improve the current state of the website.

In addition, we redesigned the old logo of Collex Collision Experts. Direct Line Development has been providing the logo services for many years so we have a clear understanding of what a good logo must be and what mistakes we should avoid in professional logo design. As the old logo had the double letter “L”, we decided to use it as a supporting element of the style based on the design of the Dodge Viper sports car. Also, we managed to pick up the appropriate logo font for automotive web design so that the new logo became more elegant and impressive. As a result, we created an awesome animated logo for the auto repair company.

When developing a professional automotive website design, it is essential to remember about one more important step — to create a prototype for internal pages of the website. They can give a full picture of the website and its functionality. The iterative approach to solving the tasks is one of the fundamental rules of our firm so we cannot move to the design of the website without the approval of the previous step.

The fact is that the design of the internal pages is a technical issue. It means that we take all the information from the prototypes and present it according to the style of our homepage. Then we send the internal pages for review and approval.   

We drew and edited some illustrations for all the internal pages so they became striking and eye-catching.

Automotive web development process: Front-end and Back-end

Choosing the right automotive website design company in Philadelphia, Denver, or Austin that is able to create a well-designed and well-coded eСommerce website at an affordable price can be a real challenge. Our agency is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a top web design company with a great team of automotive web designers and web developers or any others who can create a high-quality website at a reasonable price. You make no doubt about the responsive and highly effective website you will get, because we always meticulously check every web element, especially when it comes to front-end and back-end development.  

Everyone knows that front-end interacts with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In other words, all of the elements that users can see, read or launch on the screens of their smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers are the front-end side. As for back-end, it deals with the server side. Making a review of our automotive web design project by the representatives of all departments to make sure that we have not missed anything, we launched to front-end development. Our automotive web designers prepared special layouts using Sketch and then transferred them to Zeplin, so that developers could see all specifications such as elements, font sizes, etc. During front-end development, we also faced several challenges. The most difficult one was to adapt the stylistic solution of the scrolling of two logo stripes to different screen resolution and mobile devices providing the same quality of display. But due to our huge experience, we managed to overcome all of the difficulties. And then, after finishing the front-end development, we moved to back-end.

Back-end is a technical part of web development and, generally, it seldom encounters problems if the back-end developers are competent enough and really good at their field of work.

Testing of the automotive website design

Testing is almost the last step in the website development. When creating an efficient automotive website design, we used a local testing server to where we upload all of the content that would be on the future website including photos, texts, headers, etc and ran tests. Afterwards, we showed the server to our customer. When we received an approval from our client, we deployed the website to a production server and changed DNS on the domain. The server remained active for further improvements.

Testing is an essential part in website development process since it helps us to identify the bugs before the launch. And in this case, after the test run, there were found several bugs by the testers but our developers fixed it in a flash. We tested the website on all devices, including Mac, PC, Android, and IOS.

When we are engaged in web development process, we always keep strict standards but they can be changed depending on the size and complexity of the project. Here is a table below, where you can find the precise information of how long it took us to deliver automotive website design for Collex Collision Experts:

Work typeWorking period in business daysApprovement period in business days
Main page prototyping63
Main page design67
Internal pages prototyping52
Internal pages design63
Front-end development16-
Back-end development5-
Content uploading31
Total development period5020

Automotive website design outcome: the work we are proud of

All in all, we would like to note that our web design agency managed to create an outstanding eCommerce automotive website design with an excellent performance and customer’s grateful feedback. We developed an A-class automotive website design with fast download speed, effective call-to-action which resulted in a high conversion rate. The website’s content adapts to different browsers and screens of various devices. We also developed a custom content management system to expedite and simplify the process of updating and managing outdated information like addresses, employees or changing texts on the site. We take pride in our work!

Get in touch with us to discuss your future eСommerce automotive parts website design, and receive high-quality web design from the best web development firm in Philadelphia, Denver, and Austin.


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