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Web Design for a Real Estate Company by the DLD Team

Prototype for WCS Property Solutions website

What Was Changed on the Site

Our team has developed and implemented a completely new design on the website. The main color scheme used throughout the pages is a white background with splashes of color here and there, making it easy for users to spot important information right away. This style brings lightness and tranquility to the site. 

Light animations do not distract the user's attention from the content but ‌bring some life and movement to the static structure of the site. In addition to that, our team has selected colorful photos of houses in picturesque locations where WCS Property Solutions operates.

We also worked on creating an FAQ block as well as added a Get to Know the Business Owner section that allows users to learn a bit more about the main driving force behind the company. To make it more convenient to search for information on the site, we have developed product cards and grouped client’s services by topic.

The design ended up clean, pleasant, with soft accents and user-friendly UX.

Our Tips on Creating the Best Design

Here’s what we added to the site to make it more attractive.

White background

White background works with any color scheme and does not look overwhelming on the site.

Rounded shapes

Rounded corners make the site look more soft and cozy.

Light animations

Light animations do not distract users from the content but instead bring the site to life.

Logical structure

A well-structured site allows visitors to find the information and services they need faster.

Modern Website Design for a Real Estate Company

Want to Renovate Your Web Site Design?

Real estate is a business that requires extensive knowledge of the field. It is difficult to find the best realtors in the sea of multi-page websites that make a lot of loud promises. Therefore, in most cases, users tend to choose a company to work with purely based on the website’s appearance. 

Our team of experienced web developers and designers will help you create an attractive image of your company to bring in new customers. Get in touch today, and let’s get started on your project!

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