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Background for Dry Tech Waterproofing Search Engine Optimization Case
Search Engine Optimization

Doing SEO for Dry Tech Waterproofing: Our Process & What We Learned


An important stage of every SEO project is the analysis of competitors' strategies and position in their niche. Our team carefully analyzes the competitor sites, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the local market to choose the most suitable SEO strategy.

After performing competitor analysis, our SEO experts get to work on the following:

  • Website Structure
  • Content Quality
  • Link-Building Strategy
  • Internal Links
  • Metadata


Organic Traffic Increased by Over 450%

Here you can see that after launching a new site, the organic traffic increased by 453%.

The comparison of organic traffics before and after the website’s development

The increase in traffic by over 4 times shows that we’ve developed an effective SEO strategy. New visitors come to the site through links from social networks, referral links, and directly from search engines.

Amongst all methods of visitors’ attraction, the most effective is organic search

One of the goals of this SEO project is improving lead generation. To do that, we need to analyze how users interact with the client’s website. All user actions on the site can be tracked in the admin panel of Google Analytics. It gives us information about what actions were performed by visitors to the site and how many people used this or that function of the site. It also gives us an opportunity to look at SEO results and see if they were successful or not.

This graphic shows us the results of conversion before and after the new site launch.

After launching the new site, the organic traffic increased at least at 60%

Backlink Profile Increased By Over 385%

In the year we started to implement our SEO strategy, the client’s backlink profile increased by over 385%. The main task here was to run a thorough competitor analysis and find quality link sources and directories.

Referring domains, also known as “linking domains,” are external websites that direct visitors to your site. These domains contain backlinks that drive traffic and views to your specific web pages.

We handpick the most reliable sources and directories with high domain authority - this helps us improve clients’ backlink profiles. 

Check out the link building results we achieved for this project:

Referring domains provides your site with additional traffic

The Number of Organic Keywords Increased by 437%

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps generate leads by increasing the quantity and quality of your website traffic through organic search engine results.

To bring in more loyal customers, you need to use the right SEO tactics, such as introducing compelling headlines, useful and valuable content to your website pages. The validity of this position is confirmed by recent studies by Internet marketers. 72% of experts consider this strategy to develop websites a winner.

First, analyze the keywords used in your texts. Check their importance and frequency, then diversify your list. Find a way to organically incorporate the right words into your content in the right amount,  but don't overdo it. Don't create meaningless text filled with only keywords. Make your texts useful to ensure people share it through social networks and other resources. Well-crafted text is the way to increase organic traffic, attract new customers, and improve your site's ranking.

Check out the graphs below to see what we managed to achieve.

After SEO development of the site, the number of keyword in texts increase more than in 4 times

After we increased the volume of organic words used on the site, organic traffic also began to grow. Based on data from the Ahrefs SEO Tool, there was an increase in organic traffic of over 1000% over the past 12 months. 

Since we enlarge the number of keywords in the texts, the organic traffic of the site increased 

To ensure our SEO campaign is successful, we include keyword map modification in our strategy. We analyze all the details of competitors’ keyword selection, as well as common user searches related to the client’s business to create proper content with suitable keywords. After choosing the keywords, we monitor them and analyze the results.

The most important step in SEO strategy is keywords selection

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Google Search Console

To achieve success in the SEO department, you need to understand how the key SEO indicators work: search engine visibility, impressions, and the click number received from Google SERPs. Use Google Search Console to ensure your company is on the right path. This resource will analyze your site as Google does. It will also show the number of clicks in the SERPs by users who are looking for specific information related to your business. How does it work? Google Search Console bots identify the indexed pages, the most popular keywords in the niche, and the amount of the links which will rank your website faster and higher.

Check out the results of our work:

Total clicks indicate how many times a user clicked through your site. This metric increased by 127%. 

Total impressions show how many times a user saw a link to your site in search results. This metric increased by 52%.

the difference between the number of clicks received from Google by the old site and the new one


To promote the client's website better and to distinguish it from the competitors, our SEO professionals fixed technical details, created an SEO strategy taking into account the situation on the local market, and built quality backlinks. Our SEO services covered:

  • Location page updates
  • Content syndication
  • GMB optimization
  • Meta description audit and updates
  • Location-based link building
  • Title tags audit and adjustments
  • Local listing management
  • Creating high-quality, relevant blog content

Our team also rewrote and optimized the client’s existing website content to ensure everything is consistent and aligned with the current SEO strategy.

Google My Business Profile

To promote your own business, it's not enough to just create a website and hope it develops and promotes itself. To attract customers, you need to become visible, stand out among competitors, and constantly evolve. One of the ways to attract attention in the local market is to provide up-to-date information. Put your company's contacts, hours of operation, and exact address on the Google Business Profile.

The results of Google's search engine result page for the 'basement waterproofing' request

Below is the client’s data chart:

The most popular actions among the visitors: visit the website, request directions and call you

After optimizing their Google My Business profile, our client got truly excellent results.

With adding more details to your business profile your can reach more views

Mobile Optimization

To achieve a faster ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) and attract more organic traffic to the site, we optimize your website to mobile devices. We ensure that it functions and displays correctly on every type of device used.

Today, the majority of online activities take place on mobile devices. According to research, in the US 61% of visits to search engines in the second quarter of 2021 were made from smartphones. To increase your site's visibility on search engines like Google, our SEO team is constantly working to optimize mobile versions of clients’ websites. If your site is not adapted for use on devices other than a computer, the Google algorithms may have a hard time finding your pages. Of course, this means that your site traffic, the number of customers, and revenue will drop.

Today Google SERP prefers the site’s versions which are adaptive to any device

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