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Impressive Traffic Increase By 268% For a Metal Fabrication Website Through SEO

Main SEO Promotion Goals For a Custom Furniture Website 

We’ve set our SEO objectives at the initial stage of the project:

  1. Use more relevant queries throughout the website
  2. Rank in Google TOP with the existing queries
  3. Increase the organic traffic to the website
  4. Get ahead of the competitors in the local search
  5. Rank in Google TOP-20 and TOP-10 with the new queries

After deep niche analysis, we managed to put together a comprehensive keyword map. This allowed us to create a wider structure that covered more commercial queries throughout the website. As a result, a few pages transformed into a powerful source of information about Breck Ironworks’ offerings. 

Screenshot of a table with a wide and clear website structure

Competitor Analysis And Our Seo Strategy

Competitor analysis is crucial for every SEO project. Our team worked hard to explore the niche and local market of custom fire pits and develop an efficient SEO strategy.  

We took time to analyse the websites for our client’s competitors and gave top priority to the aspects that are vital for SEO, for example:

  • Website structure
  • Content
  • Backlink profile
  • Internal linking
  • Metadata

Traffic Increase By 268%: How SEO Helps Communicate Metal Fabrication Offerings

One of the main SEO goals was to increase organic traffic constantly. Our well-coordinated work within the thought-out strategy allowed us to achieve it. Just imagine: the website only had 197 visitors in September 2019 when we started working on the project. With all the improvements and techniques we applied, the visitors' number increased up to 725 in February 2021 - this is an increase by breathtaking 268%.

Two graphs pointing out the organic traffic indicators before and after SEO

Backlink Profile Increased by 453%

Backlink profile improvement is one of the core tasks in online promotion, and we started working on it right away. At the initial stage, it is vital to perform comprehensive competitor analysis and accurate selection of quality resources and directories to place links. 

We make every effort to find the most relevant resources with high domain authority. Such a professional approach helps to achieve link-building goals. The graphs below display SEO statistics of referring domains to the website of our client engaged in producing custom furniture. 

Screenshots with two graphs displaying referring domain quantity before and after SEO

We achieved the growth of other indicators, vital for backlink profile improvement:

  • Domain Rating raised by 33% (according to Moz)
  • Domain Authority increased by 86% (according to Ahrefs)

Our every action was made in line with the SEO strategy, developed at the initial stage of the project. Find below the most important workstreams:


Take a Deep Breath: Organic Keywords Increased by 2500%

Getting more organic keywords is a must in SEO projects because it drives organic traffic to the website, generating leads and sales growth. After we created new content about custom fire pits and optimized the old one, the website pages started to rank with the new queries, which is easily seen in the SEO statistics below. 

Screenshots with two graphs displaying organic keywords growth during the SEO project

Overall growth reflects SEO success in this metal fabrication website promotion, but the number of keywords in TOP-3 and TOP-10 are much more important. They are the main source of organic traffic to the website, and here is what we achieved: 

  • Keyword number in TOP-3 increased by 540%
  • Keyword number in TOP-4-10 raised by 39

To keep and exceed these results, we perform competitor analysis regularly and make every effort to improve every keyword position. The keywords that show better positions on our client’s website as compared to the competitors are listed below.

Screenshot with statistics table displaying keywords positions in comparison to the competitors

If you are curious about the dynamic changes of keywords positions in SERP, here is another table. 

Screenshot of a table displaying dynamic changes of keywords positions in SERP

Search Console: More Data to Track Website Performance

Another tool we use to track the results of our efforts is Google Search Console.

Firstly, it’s perfect to find errors. When we get the bug reports regularly, we can fix errors faster to keep the website working flawlessly. 

Screenshot with errors report from Google Search Console

Secondly, Google Search Console helps to track key parameters of the website ranking in Google, such as Total Clicks and Total Impressions. Take a look at the results of our work: in 15 months we managed to raise the number of clicks from 4 to 35, and the number of impressions from 261 to 1,497.

Screenshot of the clicks and impressions graph with the focus on the project start pointScreenshot of the clicks and impressions graph with the focus on current indications

Mobile Optimization as a Promotion Factor

2020 was a turning year not only because of the pandemic. Google has officially finalized the priority of the mobile version over the desktop one in their indexing. It’s time now to develop an easy-to-use and informative mobile version for every website. 

With that in mind, we performed the adaptivity optimization and created content with the focus on the mobile version of this metal fabrication website, because now it is an integral part of every thoughtful SEO strategy. 

Screenshot of the Mobile-Friendly Test results for our client’s website

Local SEO and More Additional Work

Breck Ironworks is located in Breckenridge, CO, and local clients are their bread and butter. We optimized their Google My Business profile to take full advantage of local promotion. 

Screenshot of a Google results page with Breck Ironworks snippet on the top

Google My Business profile is your way to the local pack -  special sections of the results page displaying companies that are in the user’s neighborhood. The more information you add to your profile, the better you inform potential clients about your offerings. Our promotion strategy includes optimization of the client’s profile in Google My Business. 

The diagram below shows the results of local SEO. 

Screenshot of a diagram displaying the ratio of the searches that end up on the client’s website

By creating and optimizing the Google My Business profile, we managed to drive more relevant traffic to the website and generate SEO leads: people started calling our client with requests about their metal fabrication offerings directly from the Google results page. 

Screenshot of a customer actions graph covering several months within the project

Want to see the results for the "Custom iron fire pits" Search? Check it out!

How SEO Helped to Sell Custom Fire Pits And What Happens Next

We accomplished all the goals for this promotion stage, and our team will continue working on the website. Our further actions are aimed at increasing leads generation for the client and optimizing the website according to the changeable requirements of search engines. 

Attracting new paying customers is a challenging task, especially for someone with no experience in the SEO industry. At Direct Line Development, we create efficient strategies that drive results because we are a dedicated team of SEO experts. Our skills and knowledge ensure the top possible results in every project. 

If you want to get more revenue through online marketing, you need an expert team to perform your business promotion. This is where Direct Line Development comes in to offer a tailored strategy for your business promotion and website optimization. With a long record of satisfied clients, we can push any website to Google top and boost your online visibility.

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Ready to get started?

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