The latest web design trends for Advanced Education Services website

The latest web design trends for Advanced Education Services website

We have completed the best website design for the Advanced Education Services site.

Advanced Education Services provides colleges and universities with a unique custom solution to manage tuition payment plan. The company is the only professional payment plan provider. It has been in the business for over 15 years helping schools across the country with their cash flow.

The current web design of the Advanced Education Services site was terribly outdated and unattractive. Our agency was tasked with becoming more familiar with all of the new web design trends and creating a cool website design.

Here is how we created the beautiful web design step-by-step. First and foremost, our designers developed the main idea - through the whole design of the site, we carried the image of an open book, as the main symbol of knowledge. Then we took photos and selected the best of them to be located on the home page. Next, we added a dynamic, eye-catching gallery at the top of the page and created new icons. We structured the website elements in a proper way in order to make the content easy-to-read. We kept up with the current web design trends.

Prototypes for Advanced Education Services websiteAdvanced Education Services logo design from Direct Line Development

The work has not been finished yet, as our developers are still working at the idiosyncrasies of the web design, and web design trends. Thus, they are making it responsive in order for the site to be accessible across different mobile devices.

This is not an e-commerce site but a good tool for brand promotion, sales, provision of information, presentation of the firm as a professional service for schools to use.

Main page design of Advanced Education ServicesAdvanced Education Services main page on the laptopAdvanced Education responsive website design from Direct Line Development

At this stage we’d like to show you our version of the home page design.


Steve Greenspan

I have been using the old AES site for quite some time as essentially all of my college loans are with them and navigating their old site was a nightmare, I am excited to see what you guys can come up with for them!

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