What types of animation do we create and how much will it cost

Animation pricing is always estimated on an individual basis. We want to think through the project. According to your budget, our team find the best solution for you video that also meets your business needs.

  • Infographics


    These allow for your information to be easily consumed by your viewers when the same information can be difficult to process through video.. Figures, facts, dry statistics, all of these are better showcased through infographics.
  • 2D graphics

    2D graphics

    2-dimensional graphics are flat graphics and can differ greatly in complexity. It can be a sketch or a more complex character animation.
  • 3D graphics

    3D graphics

    This type of video looks more realistic but as it is not as simple as 2D graphics, making this solution not right for everyone. Although those that do need 3D graphics receive a bold visual statement.
  • Motion design

    Motion design

    «Motion graphics» are a variety of animated videos. In this type of video titles, icons, pictures, and simple shapes can move, appear and disappear or anything that is going to represent the kind of company you are.

What does the service include and what will we do for you?

Cohesive team of professional
There are scriptwriters, editors and project managers on our team They work to deliver the service on a turnkey basis.
Script focused
A good script is a recipe for success in your video. A well written script allows us to create high-quality video, draw viewer attention and relay your information in a more effective way.
Smart approach
We always take a close look at the task to find the most affordable solution with the best quality. We use different approaches and styles in video creation to help achieve your goals.
Quality control
We are a results-oriented team and, therefore, we do our best to help our clients to achieve top results. We guarantee a quality product seeing as we control and check it at every stage of the animation project’s development.
Creative ideas
We ourselves create ideas for videos for our clients. And if our client comes to us with their own idea, we polish it up until it shines. We believe that content is paramount and it should be done in the perfect way.

This is just a drop in a sea of the valued services we provide to our clients. Contact us to learn more!

Animation for businesses
Animation for businesses
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