SVG — Saving From Pixels and More

SVG — Saving From Pixels and More

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) — according to specification on, is a language for describing vector and mixed vector-raster two-dimensional graphics, support animation and interactivity. SVG includes three types of objects: figures, images, and text. 

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SVG has existed since 1999, and in 2011 it was included into the recommendations of W3C. In 2001 version 1.0 was released, in 2011 — version 1.1, which is active even now. 

SVG is underestimated by web-developers, although it has some important advantages. It is widely maintained by browsers, but there are some intricacies of using it in Internet Explorer and Opera, as well as everything does not go swimmingly in mobile applications.  

Advantages of SVG

Quality scaling of SVG elements in web development

It looks perfectly on the retina. SVG does not lose in quality at scaling, there is no need to do multiple scalings. 

Styling and scripting in web development using CSS
Styling and scripting: using CSS you can change the graphics settings on the site. For example: background, transparency or borders. 

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Very interesting information... Does this have any effect on SEO results at all?

It seems that SVG is generally good for SEO as long as you know what you're doing because images are vector images and are easily searchable and visible on different devices. Nowadays loading speed is also important and the faster image loads, the more likely people will stay on a page.

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