A turnkey IT business which can become profitable within a year and start immediately

We will only accept one new franchise per quarter
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  • Generating 3 new clients each month will make you profitable
  • In only 7 months you will reach profitability levels
  • A full refund of your investment after 12 months
  • We only allow one franchise to start each quarter

What do you get if you start working with us?

We tried to describe all the benefits if you start working with us. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We are always open for discussion.
We will take care of all aspects of development
We will take care of the biggest headache of any web design studio.Our team of developers includes more than 50 specialists and is expanding. We work efficiently and professionally.
We offer a wide range of services
The primary services are web design and development and SEO. Also we provide additional services like Custom software development, Brand Identity, 3D design and animation, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing. Basically, we can provide any services for promoting your company on the internet.
Why we are special
We not only develop websites and promote them, we do it in a different way than 95% of our competitors. Forget about WordPress and other template based systems which give you slow and insecure websites. We code in Python, which allows us to create truly unique custom responsive designs. The difference is very important, and we expertly present the value to our clients.
Your website and promo
We will create your website based on directlinedev.com, launch it and actively promote it in your region. We will take care of all the SEO, SMM and technical support. You will receive a complete ready-to-use sales presentation, which will have a detailed description of all the services, huge portfolio, useful data and more. In general, we provide the resources and structure to receive leads and convert them into your clients.
Sales and running a successful business techniques
We will provide you with a complete plan of how the company functions. We will provide you with the requirements (standards) which all the employees should meet. You will receive a 2 hour consultation each week; we discuss in detail, all the current questions you might have. We are invested in your success, and will provide you with great, consistent support during the process.
Portfolio and pricing
2 important factors to selling web design and SEO services successfully are: a big portfolio and reasonable prices. We have both. This immediately gives you an advantage over your competitors.
Training your staff
We will prepare your project manager for success, and provide the methodology for training your sales reps. We will guide you through following the systems in place, so you can provide your clients with the highest level of service.
Protected Geography
If we start working together and you follow all the requirements of the contract, we will guarantee that we won’t work with any company in your region.

That is just a small part of what you can expect from partnering with us. If you would like to know more, just contact us

Become our franchisee!

Become our franchisee!

If you are interested in purchasing our franchise, you can get an overview of our offer and the benefits of partnering with us.

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Aleksei Kudimov
Aleksei Kudimov, CEO